Recently I was commissioned to paint a mural on a public wall in local Northcote with the support of my local council. The final artwork is 4 m x 16 m (64m2). This is the biggest piece I have done and had such a great time working on it!

It is a real pleasure to see one of my illustrations on such a large scale. The love and support from the local community and neighbours is very very appreciated. 
Final Mural Artwork:
The Process:
The mural is on a public wall of a local business which focuses on human movement, yoga and the performing arts. The owners wanted the mural art to be somewhat relevant to their practice without being too obvious. 

I began developing ideas and concepts, which included brolga birds and monkey characters which the client expressed interest in.
Above: An initial sketch of a proposed concept. 
Above: An alternative proposed concept which focused on less and more calm characters. The client was very happy with these motifs and I proceeded with a full illustration and began experimenting with various colour palettes. 
Above: Proposed colour scheme 01.
Above: Proposed colour scheme 02.
Above: Proposed and approved colour scheme 03.
Painting The Mural
The end.

Thank you for watching, and please appreciate.
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