Skate Deck - Psychedelic Monkeys
Recently, I landed my first commission gig as an Illustrator! I am still so excited and happy! I was asked to create an illustration on a blank skate deck for the client, which he would give as a gift to a close friend. 

I was allowed a lot of creative freedom, and the client only required a few details to be included in the illustration. These requirements were: The Belgian statue Menneken Pis, an altered version of a previous tattoo monkey character, the silver caravan from a local cafe, a lego Princess Leia character (based from a tattoo), the train Puffing Billy, and the friend's dog Betty

The concept for this illustration came from a previous tattoo illustration for the same client.
Final illustration on the skateboard deck
Get Inspired Magazine Cover Feature
My skateboard illustration made it on the front cover of Get Inspired Magazine's Issue #36! I am so excited and happy!
Final vector artwork for the magazine cover submission.
Get Inspired Magazine Issue #36
Illustration Development:
My initial idea for the illustration started as a very rough sketch in my notebook. I then fleshed out some concepts and characters and began sketching a full scale illustration with pencil.
Original full scale pencil illustration, which was then transferred to the skateboard deck.
Original psychedelic monkey tattoo character, which was added to the skateboard deck illustration with slight changes made.
Full colour illustration generated with Illustrator.
You can see more of the progress of this piece by following me on Instagram.
Thank you for watching!

Feel free to have a look at the magazine as well. It's full of great artists and their work.
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